About us

Arturs Sosins (ar2rsawseen)


Master of Science (MSc), Computer Science (University of Latvia)

Online Gamification course (University of Pennsylvania)

Work experience:

Web Developer at AWERB working on lots of projects as (isic.lv, studentuparadize.lv, etc)

Working at Gideros Mobile (Cross platform 2d game engine) as developer, community manager, gamedev and design consulting, code review

Developing games at Jenots (developed games, as Mashballs, Kicky Ball, etc)

Lead Engineer at Count.ly (current workplace)


Gideros Mobile Game Development book published by PacktPub

Multiple articles for JSMag (Magazine for webdeveloper) about Javascript development

Chapter in Semantics Mashups (about using Mashups in AI context for recommendation systems) book published by Springer


Web development blog: (http://webcodingeasy.com/)

App development blog: (http://appcodingeasy.com/)


Co-host in Lately in JavaScript podcast

JSClasses.org top contributor (http://www.jsclasses.org/browse/author/23.html)

PHPClasses.org contributor (http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/author/838850.html)

Github (https://github.com/ar2rsawseen/)


Twitter: @ar2rsawseen

Google+: Arturs Sosins

Email: ar2rsawseen[at]gmail.com