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How many organic downloads - Part 2

So almost another month has passed, and I can share with some more data.

If you missed it, here is the first part comparing first apps with completely new account download results after one month.

I also added couple of new markets to the experiment, but none of them performed well enough to be notable.

About 30 days ago, I published another game. A little more casual and sports related one.

I also experimented to use related keywords in the app title, and the app was called 21 Point Basket Ball.

The choice of keywords in title was very poor, as I learned later. Because keywords basket and ball, are very oversaturated in the market, and in the end I still can't find my app on Google Play by its name.

As I said the game is a little more casual, you shoot the ball to basket, in Angry Birds kind of mechanic (drag and release), score, level up, unlock stuff, etc.

So let's see how does its first month compare to our previous game's (Sushi The Fish) first month.

Markets Sushi The Fish 21 Point Basket Ball Difference
Slideme 1548 982 -566
GetJar 866 733 -133
Vodafone 128 147 +19
AndroidPit 38 39 +1
Opera 29 166 +137
TStore 24 31 +7 18 45 +27
Google Play 17 105 +88
1mobile 11 26 +15
Insyde 6 30 +24
Amazon 5 8 +3
Applandic 2 4 +2
AppsLib 1 3 +2
Camangi 1 0 -1
Yandex 5 3 -2
Nokia 10 10 0
Appsberry 2 2 0
andapponline 0 0 0
aptoide 0 0 0
mobogenie 0 0 0
cnet 0 2 +2
Total: 2711 2336 -375

The top two leaders are the same, but with little less downloads. I have no idea why. Maybe game is less apealing, maybe genre is not right, maybe just run out of luck.

The interesting part is that, while 21 PBB game has more downloads on more smaller markets, it is loosing to the Sushi on bigger markets, thus have less downloads in total.

But what is more interesting, why did the game got whooping 105 downloads on Google play and 166 on Opera (the biggest spikes comparing to sushi).

For now there is too less data to make any conclusions, except that yes, that is the real situation, and probably it won't get much better. But can it get worse?

I will soon post how did Sushi the Fish did with second month and how many downloads it go, so you could see how fast is the downfall of the app. :)

And as usually, if you have any questions or suggestions, or conlcusions, please share :)


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