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How much organic downloads can you get without marketing?

These stats are of one single app, check out part two post, comparing results of two apps first monthes.

We are set on the quest to try out ourselves and see how saturated the mobile app/game world is. Trying out different tips and quirks to increase visibility and see ourselves what is really working and what is not.

So our first goal was to see, how many downloads you can really get without any additional exposure to the game.

This way we can establish a base line to measure improvements and see which markets are doing best to provide visibility and which markets just don't care.

For this purpose we created our first game "Sushi The Fish". A little Shoot action/adventure game with kind of RPG elements. Constructed the name and description based on the feel, without any ASO/SEO research.

Additionally it is worth to mention that this game also incorporates platform specific gaming experiences, using Game Circle for Amazon and Google Play Services for Google Play market, which, I hope, should add some additional visibility, but maybe not. We will see.

And now after 30 days of apps being published here is the top of the markets that provided us 100% organic downloads, without any marketing or spamming about the game.

Markets Downloads
Slideme 1548
GetJar 866
Vodafone 128
AndroidPit 38
Opera 29
TStore 24 18
Google Play 17
1mobile 11
Insyde 6
Amazon 5
Applandic 2
AppsLib 1
Camangi 1


So Slideme is in the astonishing lead with 1.5k natural downloads. All they do is:

  1. Have new apps category on theit main page
  2. Tweet about every new app/game in two twitter accounts
  3. Post a facebook message to all their followers
  4. Create a small video of collection of some recently submitted apps

Which is a 4 points more than many other markets do. And may I say, that does an awesome job for them and for developers. Kudos to Slide me team.

The second place goes to GetJar (portal originally developed for jar applets on old phones, now working on many trending platforms) and with a little over half of what Slideme offers, they are second best.

From what I saw, they have their own app on Google play and they offer rewards for some apps and it seems to be enough to drive natural downloads to developers.

And the third place that is still worth to mention is a newly opened Vodafone market, that currently operates only in Kenya and South Africa, and that is why I was astonished to see it in the third place, but aparently emerging markets really have much lower saturation, leading to more organic downloads than other markets.

Some other comments.

Google Play ranking in 8th place with 17 downloads, even with Google Play Services leaderboard and achievements. But is it really a shocker? I think they removed almost any visibility to new/recent apps and the market is very oversaturated.

Opera publishes your app also on Yandex and Nokia store, but we were not able to get those downloads data even after contacting representative. Will try to contact them again and update this post

Amazon provided only 5 downloads. But they usually provide lots of additional perks. Starting from free Kindle devices to promotions for the app. And for Sushi the Fish we also received promotion (because it integrated Amazon ads and Game Circle)  which is scheduled in mid August, so we will post the new results after promo in another blog post.

We heard lots of great feedback about Mobango market from our friends, but unfrotunately now 2 of our apps are still pending there after almost a month since submission. So if we ever will get approved there, we will share the stats.


We understand that this is only a single game and can't represent the whole situation with markets. Also this may very depend on the genre of the game. That is why this is only the first step. We are already collecting data for the second game in different genre and will continue to experiment, so stay tuned.

If you have any additional markets for us to try, please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Hope it helps anyone, any comments and additions appreciated :)


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